Ethnic Food Hunting In Japan

I love Japanese food, but sometimes I get cravings for good, authentic ethnic food. I grew up in the US where we had food from all over the world on every street corner. Sometimes I need a burrito or some good old Indian curry.

japanese food

I live in Chiba, which is a medium-sized city, but you’d be surprised by how much good ethnic food there is here. The simple reason is that Japanese people love food. They love their own food, as well as food from every corner of the world. God bless ’em!
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Japan Baseball

What’s the most popular sport in Japan? Without a doubt, I would say baseball. Ever time I turn on my TV, there’s news about the latest games. Baseball is everywhere, especially in Chiba, where we have the Lotte Marines.
One of the first celebrities you get to know in Japan is Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese ball player who plays for Seattle Mariners. He’s pretty famous back home too, because he’s a great player. There are more and more Japanese players on US teams and they make everybody back home proud.
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