Sumo Wrestler Food

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you know it is one of the skinniest countries in the world. The diet is so healthy over here, you have to almost TRY to put on weight. People mostly eat fish and vegetables over rice. It’s great if you could stand to lose a little weight.

And that makes sumo wrestlers all that much more amazing! It makes me wonder, what do sumo wrestlers eat? Is it part of their training?


Actually, eating is a big part of sumo training. Sumo wrestlers use a variety of techniques to gain weight. Actually, their weight-gaining strategies are the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do if you want to LOSE weight.

As part of their training, sumo wrestlers eat many meals each day, all pretty high in fat. They actually try to eat right before going to bed, and they are supposed to rest as much as possible.
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Tokyo back-ground

When most people think of Japan, they think of the largest metropolitan area in the nation: Tokyo. The city is the seat of the Japanese government, the Imperial Palace and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family. Tokyo is also home to 35 million Japanese people. The greater Tokyo area comprises the surrounding towns and cities and it is considered to be the world’s most populous metropolitan area.

Tokyo Taiko drums

Tokyo has been a major part of Japanese history since 1603. After unifying the warring states of Japan, Shogun Tokugawa made Edo (later called Japan) his home city. Because of the Shogun’s presence, the city developed quickly and grew large while much of Japan remained rural. It had over one million people by the 18th century. Even after the emperor’s home moved to Kyoto, Edo (Tokyo) was considered the capital of Japan. In 1869, Emperor Meiji moved his imperial capital from Kyoto and established the city of Tokyo.
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Japanese Beer

If you’ve never been to Japan but plan to go in the future, you must try Japanese beer. That is if you happen to like beer in general.

Western beer has been called watered down Japanese beer here in Japan however, you’ll need to be the judge.

Japanese beer

Japanese beer is one of the most embraced beverages in the country. The major breweries distribute worldwide and bring the fresh, crisp taste of Japanese beer to people all over the world. Although beer is normally associated with Western countries like Germany and America, Japan’s breweries have made their presence well known on the world market.

The origins of Japanese beer date back the Edo period, when the Dutch immigrants opened beer halls for sailors who traveled through Japan. In the Meiji period, German brewers introduced the production of beer to the Japanese. Early Japanese breweries Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo still survive to this day.
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Okinawa facts

Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan that is composed of nearly 150 individual islands. These islands are scattered in a wide area encompassing over 350 miles of ocean. The region is in a very important geographical and strategic position between Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. This location has made it a point of interest throughout history.
japanese dragon
The largest of the islands in Okinawa island, and it is home to the capital city of Naha. Naha is roughly two and half hours travel from Tokyo and Osaka. Naha has many hotels and beautiful beaches. It is a popular tourist location for mainland Japanese people as well as foreign visitors.
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