Merry Christmas

Japan loves Christmas too but the whole country does not seem to close down on the 25th the way it does back home.

Japan Chicken

For the first 9 years here I worked on Christmas day just like most Japanese people do however, for the last two years, I’ve taken the day off.

I’m sure many Japanese children received play station 3 “PS3” and more software for their Nitendo DS light.
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Natto Made in Japan

If you’ve been in Japan a little while, you’ve probably heard of a food called “natto.” It’s a little bit controversial even among Japanese people. About half love it and the other half hate it.

IF you ever do visit Japan, at least try natto once. If you can eat it, you’ll win the locals over for sure.


What’s natto? It’s a traditional Japanese dish of fermented soybeans. The beans are sticky and stringy, and the fermentation gives it a strong smell. You can always tell if somebody’s opened a package of natto!
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Halloween in Japan

It’s that time of year when everybody’s gearing up for Halloween. It’s not as big an event in Japan as back home, but there are lots of things going on to celebrate. The shops start early putting up Halloween decorations and selling goodies.
In Japan, kids don’t generally go around trick or treating. When I was a kid, this was probably the high point of my year, so it’s a shame they don’t do it here. Halloween is not really a traditional holiday in Japan, so they don’t do all the stuff we do back home.
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Making Japanese Friends

I’ve heard some foreign people in Japan complain that making Japanese friends is tough. I think a lot of foreign people who come over here to teach end up with weird opinions of Japan because they never really get to know anybody except other foreign people.

This is a shame! You haven’t lived in Japan if you’ve never hung out with Japanese people!


First off, it’s tough to make friends anywhere you move, especially to another country. And especially if you don’t speak the language. And don’t try! I can’t tell you how many of these people who complain never tried to learn Japanese.
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