Japan Car

How can I buy a Japan car in Japan?
japan car

I come from the infamous car-culture United States. In the US, if you have to go next door to 7-11, by golly, you’re going to hop in your beloved automobile, the object of your affection, and drive the half-block.

But what happens when you move to Japan? Sure, the trains and buses are convenient. You don’t even need a car to live here! But living without a car is hard for those of us who have always had one. I need something to share my life with!
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Japan Animation

The Wild World of Japan Animation
Have you ever sat down and watched any Japan animation? Japanese animation, more commonly referred to as anime, is getting more and more popular all over the world. I started noticing more and more kids getting into Japanese cartoons when I was in the States.

What makes Japanese animation different that the old cartoons back home? Well, some of the old cartoons back home came from Japan. I’m thinking specifically of Speed Racer and Go-Bots. There’s something about the animation that’s different. Anime is very stylized. The characters have certain facial expressions, and the backgrounds are really detailed.
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Kyoto Japan

Kyoto Japan is a great place to see real traditional Japan! Just walking down the streets, you feel like you’re transported back in time. It’s way different than the super-high-tech urban world of Tokyo. Everybody who’s into Japan at all needs to make a trip to Kyoto sooner or later.
On the streets of Kyoto, you’ll see geishas walking around, clomping along the sidewalks in their geta’s. You’ll see lots of people in kimonos. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and its water supply comes from the rivers that flow from them. It’s a beautiful place. Not only that, Kyoto also has an exciting, modern nightlife.
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Japan Economy

When I was a kid, all you ever heard about Japan was how rich they were and how they were buying up everything around you and how strong the Japan economy was.
I remember my dad and my uncles cursing about how rotten Japanese cars were, even though everybody knew they didn’t break down every day and hog gas like American made cars did. And, as a kid, I was at least a little bit aware that all our TVs, stereos and, most importantly, video games were made in Japan!
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