Fact about Japan

Wanna know some fact about Japan?
Japan is a unique country. For centuries, it was isolated from the rest of the world and in that time, it developed a culture of its own! Here are some things you might not have known about the Land Of The Rising Sun:

-The Japanese language uses a mix of four different writing systems! Japanese uses Chinese characters (called kanji), two separate alphabets (okay, gsyllabariesh if you want to be specific) as well as English letters and numbers. Often a sentence will contain all four of these together. Not surprisingly, kids spend their entire public education career from K-12 learning how to read!
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Cruises Japan

Since Japan is surrounded by water, one of the best ways to see the sights is to take a cruises japan!
Imagine yourself sitting on deck taking in the scenery as you pull into Tokyo bay. Here is an overview of some of Japan’s major waterways and how you can see them!

There are a variety of different cruise ships and ferries if you’re interested in ship travel. You can take a less expensive, short-term ferry ride, or a pricier but longer cruise trip lasting up to two weeks around the pacific!
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TV Japan

Get Ready For TV Japan!
When I first landed here, dazed and jetlagged, wondering what on earth I was doing, my first introduction to Japanese culture was TV Japan. In this modern age, watching the television programs in another country (without subtitles!) is a guaranteed good time.

The first thing I noticed about Japanese TV is that most shows seem to have some educational aspect to them. There seem to be more nature, cooking and travel shows, whereas in the US, you would see those shows more on specialized channels on cable. Even comedy shows often have a small part where there are some interesting facts or some kind of education.
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Japan Woman

All About The Japan Woman!

One thing you notice quickly when you get to Japan is how beautiful Japan woman are. My friend just came to visit me in Japan, and he went away raving about how beautiful the women were everywhere he looked. He never tells anybody about the food, or the sightseeing, or the temples, or anything else!
japan women
In Japan, many women prefer to stay home and take care of the family. To us westerners, that might seem a little traditional. Still, Japanese women have a much bigger influence over things than it may seem.
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