Japan Tour

japan tour
Planning a trip to Japan tour can be overwhelming! It’s too much trouble to figure out what to do and where to go and how to book this and that, and it might just be easier to go to Vegas with the kids again.

But, that’s why there are package tours! Package tours may be the best way to travel to a place you don’t know very well. Japan may seem very exotic and mysterious, so why not let somebody else do the work?

While some tours offer airfare and hotel packages, or deals for individual trips (for example, 2 days in Kyoto), Japan has a wide variety of fully guided tours. This means that you will have an English guide for every part of your trip so that you can enjoy and understand everything. Many of these companies offer complete tours, where they will guide you on your trip from arrival to departure. They usually reserve hotel rooms in bulk, so you can save money on your accommodations.

If you prefer to wander and get lost by yourself, there are many inexpensive packages that include airfare, hotel and some other goodies. While back in the States we usually think of “package tours” as something where a lady in a uniform with white gloves carries you around and stops for pictures at all the famous places and then ships you to the next one, not so in Japan! You can totally personalize your tour, and hire an English speaking guide to hit the spots you want to see.
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