Looks just like a swimming pool is what I thought when I first saw “Tsuribori” Japanese pool fishing.

The pool is stocked with Carp.

For around ten dollar an hour you can fish this pool.

They provide the pole if you have none and also provide the bait which is fine
powered fish meal. You take the fish meal, mix it with some water and make small
balls to be placed on your hook.

The fish here are very clever so you’ll be re-baiting often.

My first catch of the day.

Japanese Ladies night out

I get a call around 11:30 at night, it’s my wife. She says “Me and some ladies from the community are 2 minutes from home having a drink and eating sushi, you want to come?

So I grabbed my camera and walked a whole two minutes to the Izakaiya (drink and snack joint.)

The two Japanese ladies you see in this pic are house wives. Or stay home moms.

What a concept! However recently, young Japanese ladies are not into the house wife deal and opt for a career instead. As a result, the number of children in Japan has dropped dramatically.

See the sushi in the pic? The yellow stuff is egg. I thought it was funny that everyone was eating the fish and leaving the eggs alone.
I’ve been to other parties and the first thing to go is the sushi. I can always be found around the pizza box 🙂 and that’s if it was ordered.

Side note: A large pizza from Domino’s will run you 35 dollars in Japan!

Japanese tea house

Here’s a traditional Japanese tea ceremony house. The small door is were you enter. ( I felt like a dog crawling in)

I guess the tea house was separated from the main house to isolate the tea ceremony and all that it means.

What you see can be found on big estates and for the most part belong to very wealthy people.