White Day in Japan

Today is white day in Japan. This is the day Japanese boys and men give chocolate to girls or women they like. This is also the day they must give candy back to the people they received gifts from on Valentine’s Day in Japan.

On Valentine’s Day I got a lot of chocolate from my students. Not so much because they love me but because it’s the day they should give someone candy and I happened to pop up in their mind-maybe.

I met a student at star bucks for our weekly chat in English (no teaching, just talking) and she was carrying a giant bag full of gifts she received from her coworkers. I made the bag even bigger after giving a return gift for the one she gave me on Valentine’s Day.

I have over 100 Japanese students of my own that I meet once a week and around this time of year I have to buy a lot of candy, put name tags on each gift and take a big sack filled with the gifts to work everyday. I always forget someone and it’s embarrassing. I’d rather not get any candy on Valentine’s Day.

Eight years ago I was blown away, getting candy from students but the novelty has worn off. I wish people all over the world would only give others gifts from their heart and not feel they must because of some unwritten social rule.

Japanese Dog Cafe

Today my wife said “hey, let’s go to a Japanese Dog cafe.” So being Sunday “family day” We all went. My dog had no idea where we were going but he was just happy to get out for the day.

The place we went to was very interesting. It had all kinds of dog dishes on the menu plus food we could order too. However the food that my family and I ate was not really good. Very surprised about this because it’s hard to find bad food in Japan. (cost for three and a dog, 60 dollars) Past post of a good Japanese restaurant here.

This place had 5 big dogs roaming around the restaurant that belonged to the owner. My mini dox was afraid and stayed under our table the whole time until his meal came.

The pic above is a happy Japanese couple showing off their beautiful Mini dox dogs. We met and I asked if I could blog their photo. So here they are with Kotetsu and Konatsu.

It’s Just A Japanese Cup

Chances are, if you’re invited to a person’s home in Japan, they’re going to serve you tea.

Here is an insider tip about Japanese etiquette that will WOW your Japanese host for sure-every time.

Before you drink or sip the tea, hold the cup with two hands and turn it around looking at the design on the inside and outside. Comment on what you like about the cup. Then drink it. You will floor them with this because not many foreigners in Japan know about this point.

Japanese people always use their best cups to serve tea to their guests as many back home may do. It’s a way of honoring and welcoming you with an open heart to their home.

The cup you see in the pic above has a fish in it. My student’s mom always serves tea when I go to her home to work with her five year old son. ( Yes I only teach kids. My English level is perfect for this, LOL! ) She was so happy when I said “Wow, this fish on the inside is really interesting!”

Note: found an extremely well writen blog today related to Japan. Check it out

And the best blog I’ve found on Japan yet is http://www.japanwindow.com/
It has great photos and the writing is excellent!

New Japanese Face

Here is a young Japanese man that parked my car today. I asked if I could take his pic for my blog and he was like “cool, go ahead.”

He makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I told him this and he laughed so hard.

I didn’t catch his name but I did find out that he likes music. Juggle music he said. Asked me if I knew about this new kind of music and I was lost.

There is a large growing number of young Japanese people that have no interest in following their father’s foot steps of becoming a life long white collar worker of corporate Japan.

These people are into the easy life, music, being their “own person” and running away as fast as they can from any outside social pressure, trying to form them
into something they want no part of.

Side shot so you can see the hair.

Girl’s Day in Japan

Today is girl’s day in Japan. It’s also my wife’s birthday.

Girl’s day (ohinasama ) is the day Japanese wish any unmarried girl in their family finds a good Japanese husband.

This glass house was bought by my wife’s grandfather for my wife’s sisters birth 37 years ago. It will be passed down from now.

The glass house must be displayed the day before March 3rd which is girl’s day and put right away on March 4th. Braking this rule could bring bad luck and a bad marriage or no marriage.

To see more pics of these Japanese dolls with more info like prices and where they come from, click here.

My family and I went to Japanese steak house to celebrate my wife’s birthday, as usual the taste was sooo yummy!