Sports car in Japan

Been in Japan now a little over eight years and never really see Ferraris.
sports car in Japan
This may be because the roads are so narrow and having a car like this just isn’t practical.

However today I saw one. This Ferrari sports car can be had in Japan for only 180,000 dollars.

I talked with the sales man and he said, 90″ of the people that buy Ferraris
take out a loan for the car. Next I asked how much to fill the tank and his response, “$120.00 a week!”

Just for kicks I asked how much could I buy a Hummer for and he said, “Oh those are cheap. I can get you a used one for around 80,000 dollars.”

I’ll stick with my Toyota Spacio which my wife picked out.

Big Red Japanese Shrine

This place is five minutes from my house.

When you walk in, to the right is an awesome Japanese garden. I’ll have to take a pic of that for anyone checking out this blog at another time.

I really like this place but don’t when I have to go with my family for some Japanese event. It takes too much time.

I remember one time going when my daughter was born and we all sat in this room while the Shinto priest recited “something” from an ancient scroll for 40 minutes. When I asked my mother in-law what did he say? She said “I have no idea.” The next question that came to mind was, “Why in the world would we site in this room on our knees for 40 minutes, listening to something none of us understood, and pay money?”

Whatever… I still love Japan and don’t waste much time focusing on what I perceive to be negative or don’t fully understand.

Japanese Ramen is very yummy!

Here’s my favorite Japanese ramen restaurant. Japanese Ramen (Japanese noodles) is a 500 million dollar a year Industry!

Had this bowl of ramen for lunch today. In Japanese I asked for “karai miso ramen to moyashi to corn.” In English it’s spicy bean past base with noodles, bean sprouts and corn and that’s what I got.

I paid around nine US dollars. This is high however. You should be able to pay 6 to 7 US for a decent bowl of ramen in Japan.

This is the pic of my favorite bowl of Ramen.

Japanese payphones are dead…

payphone is soon to be labeled “vintage/old school.”
What you see here is the type of payphone I used to make calls when I first came to Japan for a two week vacation, 10 years ago.

Sure, Japan has modern payphones with options such as hooking up your lab top to search the web or check emails but with cell phones being so cheap and handy, who wants to use a payphone. You can even watch TV on your cell phone in Japan!

Side note, we have internet phone services starting to take off. Wow, talk to mom over the internet for close to free. Can read about it here.

Want to see something from Japan? Just ask and I’ll take a pic for you and post it!

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