Japan has the best trash

What you see here is a perfectly good desk on its way to the dump! What a waste…
Oh, it costs money to throw trash like this out.
You need to buy stickers from your local convenient store so the city knows what to take. This desk was five dollars to throw out.

Japanese people throw perfectly good items in the trash all the time. You name it and I’ve seen it in the trash. This is because we have no space.

When I came to Japan I met a guy from America and he made a business out of trash picking. He would go out late at night and pick up all the refrigerators, television sets, beds, ovens, kitchen utensils, clean them up and sell them in the local foreigner newspaper. This guy was pulling in around 5,000 a month! I went out with him one night and could not believe what I saw in the trash.

I picked up many things years ago but my wife made me put the stuff back. I was taking home things that I had no use for but felt it was such a waste, someone had to save it.

If you’re an English teacher in Japan this would be a good way to get book cases, a washing machine that may be a few years old but still works, etc…
Recently it’s not been as good as ten years ago because recycle shops have been booming lately but you can still find good stuff if you’re into it.

Curry in Japan

Japan has the best Indian food as far as I know.
I love the bread, crispy on the bottom and soft on top, coated with a thin layer of butter.

Japanese people love curry rice. Not the kind you see in this pic.

What you see is my favorite. Very spicy!

This place I had lunch at was a ten dollar all you can eat deal. You’ll be able to find these places all over Japan.

If you’re teaching English in Japan, Indian restaurants provide a way to tank up for the day at a reasonable price. But to tell you the truth, I feel really heavy after eating this type of dish. Not that I over eat, it’s just a heavy meal.

Mini Dog Boom in Japan

Here is my dog Ochya. He is a Miniature Dachshunds and a very popular dog to have in Japan.

There is a small dog boom going on in Japan now. I’m sure there’re many reasons for this. Here is my take on the subject… Most living spaces in Japan are very small compared to American standards. Next would be, people are not having lots of babies recently and for the children they do have, a dog serves as a nice companion. Many of my students have no brothers or sisters but they have a dog.

A dog like mine in Japan will cost, 2,000 dollars. However, I got Ochya (name means “green tea,” I didn’t name him) for free. A rich Japanese friend of a friend bought him but couldn’t really take care of him properly-so we took him.

In Japan there’re restaurants where you can sit with your dog and have lunch. Oh, your dog gets its own menu! There’re also businesses that you can take your dog to for a “dog birthday party!” They will make a dog cake too made from the best meat or whatever you want. Japanese people love their dogs and look at them as a family member. They even cook for their dogs and have many dog treat recipes.

Here’s an interesting fact: 90″ of the apartments in Japan do not allow pets.

I guess pets to realtors are associated to noise and dirt.

Tid bit: There was once a Samurai who made everyone bow when a dog walked by. Maybe this is where Japan’s love for dogs started… Who knows?



Not Just any Old Japanese Box

I was visiting my wife’s grandmother’s house yesterday and had to take a pic of this old box.

Grandma told me it’s over 200 years old, was used as a lunch box but she is not 100″ sure because there is a lock on the side. This may of meant something very important was stored inside such as medicine.

My wife’s Japanese family has a history of many people being doctors so this very old Japanese box could’ve been a medicine box. It’s in great shape!

The below pick is the box opened up.

My wife’s family has real Japanese Samurai swords too.

I tried to talk Grandma into letting me take some pics with my new camera but she wasn’t having it. I did take some pics a few years ago. I’ll try to dig them up for you if you really want to see them. These swords are over 500 years old.

Not everyone had or have swords in Japan. Only “important people and now, not many have them because it’s illegal.

My wife told me before the war with America, her family owned a bank and before that, her ancestors were mostly doctors, heads of towns and schools. I thought this was pretty cool but now, everyone in her family are just average people. Oh, there is one person… My wife’s Uncle is the most famous psychology professor in Japan and works for Tokyo University (Tokyo University is the Harvard or Yale of Japan.) He has written numerous best selling books as well. I’ve never met the man…

Japanese Taiko Drums

If you come to Japan and always wanted to play Japanese Taiko drums, you can play them for only a dollar at your local game center.

All you do is put your money in and follow the online instructions- you’ll have a ball. Good way to release any negative energy such as stress.

Here is a pic of real Taiko drums

You could probably go to your local community center in Japan and sign up for a class to learn how to play. It will only cost you around five dollars a class.

The young girls you see playing are beginners but they were good!